Eran Kampf
Eran Kampf
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PocketPC Thought

I’ve been using my new pocket pc for a few says now and I like it!

Some “must have” software I’ve installed:

  • WebIS Pocket Informant which replaces the default calendar\tasks\contacts applications with a more powerfull interface.
    The HP hx4700 actually come with Pocket Informant 5 installed but I just had to upgrade to the latest version !🙂
  • WorldMate – a kewl utility application with lots of features : world clock, weather forecasts, size and measurements converters, currency converter and more…
  • There is also a a free tool called FreeMate which is kinda like WorldMate’s little israeli brother….
  • ChessGenius for PocketPC – something to play with…

Looking at WorldMate\FreeMate from a developers perspective they simple to implement.
Maybe I’ll make a simple *Mate clone in VS2005 as a pPocketPC development learning project…