Eran Kampf
Eran Kampf
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JPGL Graphics Engine

A graphics engine written in C# and OpenGL which uses Sharp3D.Math can be found at

From the web site:

JPGL is a graphics engine coded in C# using the OpenGL graphics API. The engine is partially based off the CSS450/451 graphics library, which is written in C++ and uses Direct3D. There are some major structural diversions from the CSS450/451 library, mainly to accommodate a more modular design – allowing for transparent interchangeability in three layers within the graphics engine.

The default implementation of JPGL provides an OpenGL graphics API layer. Included features are:

  • scene graph/node object
  • 2D and 3D shape primitives
  • camera object
  • light objects
  • a GLSL shader implementation
  • textures
  • materials (with ability to load from Wavefront .MTL file)
  • transformation object
  • Wavefront .OBJ model importer
  • screenshot support
  • support for multiple OpenGL contexts
  • OpenGL display list caching for selected drawing
  • geometry data is shared between all shape primitives of same type
  • dynamically deformable mesh object
  • loft object (lofts from one profile line to another)
  • particle system object with OpenGL PointSprite extension support
  • vector, matrix, and quaternion wrappers (using Sharp3D.Math underneath)