Eran Kampf
Eran Kampf
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Duet from Microsoft's Side

I’ve read Thomas’s post about Duet and specifically his concerns regarding Microsoft’s commitment to the project.

Looking at it from Microsoft’s side I see several reasons for committing to Duet.
First of all it is, of course, money. And the big money for Microsoft, besides earning on Duet licenses, is in Office upgrades.
Duet finally gives big enterprises the reason to a considerable amount of money on upgrading to Office 2003, and later on to Office 2007.

Secondly, Duet helps Microsoft strengthen its position of its Office system as a basis for enterprise smart clients integrating with backend system (part of its PeopleReady campaign).

Regarding Microsoft Dynamics Snaps:

I have to say that while Snaps are a bunch of Office add-ins provided as open-source samples for simple Office-ERP integration,
Duet is a full scale product which is technically superior and offers a lot more features and a tighter Office integration than Snaps do.