Eran Kampf
Eran Kampf
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Some More Thoughts About the NY Times Reader

Even though the NY Times Reader application is very cool, I think there are better ways to reach to the hearts of the people and sell them this new WPF technology.
After all, I think most downloads for this app are done by techies like me, who may spend few hours playing with it just to see the capabilities and then move to something else. Maybe New Yorkers may find this a bit more interesting but still, the evangelists at Microsoft could have thought of a better application to spread the word.

Sports Illustrated Reader for example. now that would be a true killer application!!!
It appeals to the vast majority of the world, not just techies and New Yorkers and even though it requires installing beta software (.NET Framework 3.0 RC1, the reader itself) I’m sure there won’t be any complaints…

Now thats the way to approach the grassroots !🙂