Eran Kampf
Eran Kampf
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Back from India, Off to Palo Alto

After a hectic, being stuck at Mumbai for a day, I came back to Israel a day later than I planned on Saturday.
Flying El-Al proved, again, to be a “fun” experience.

Anyway, I’m flying to Palo Alto in a few hours (On Lufthanza this time) for the SAP Developers Challenge and a short Duet workshop after which I plan to have a short vocation at New York (being at Times Squere on new years eve should be fun).

What is the SAP Developers Challenge?
Basically, SAP takes a bunch of developers from different groups all over the world and team them up with a mission to create something cool
which they later have to present to Shai Agassi and a panel of judges.
Its the second time ever SAP holds such an event and my first time as a participant so I dont really know what to expect but it sure does sounds exciting…

So, on to another month away from home…