Eran Kampf
Eran Kampf
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The iPhone Myth Fades Away...

ihpone.jpg Quite expectedly, when the MacWorld distortion field fades away we find out the real facts that aren’t on Jobs’s keynotes.

According to Gizmondo-UK, Apple’s iPhone is going to £595-£660 in Europe (compared to £255 – £306 in the US which is still pretty expensive).
And if money is not your problem Apple’s still have a line of other stuff just for you:

  • It’ll take another year for iPod to hit Europe (and anywhere else practically because thats the version not locked in to Singular) and its going to be 3G which consumes more battery.
  • It will be a closed device and will only run software released by Apple. So much for having an OSX OS huh?
  • It will use Apple’s ‘FairPlay’ DRM software which pretty much only plays music bought through iTunes.

On the good news is that while US consumers might have to settle for an alternative to the name iPhone due to Cisco’s lawsuit, european customers will probably be able to enjoy their iPhone because of some loophole:

“Trade mark specialist Lee Curtis of Pinsent Masons, the law firm behind OUT-LAW.COM, has found a legal loophole, though, which could strip Cisco of its European rights. He told technology law podcast OUT-LAW Radio that in Europe a person can lodge a revocation application against a trade mark registration if the trade mark has not been used for the past five years.”

Read more about that here….

And what about Israeli consumers?
Ah.. we’ll probably use our familycoworkers or business trips abroad to smuggle’em over here and hack the Singular lock somehow… We do that with everything else too 🙂
Personally, I’m keeping my Nokia6280 + iPod Video + new iPod shuffle combo for the foreseeable future…