Eran Kampf
Eran Kampf
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Speech is the new AJAX? (The Future of Man-Machine Interface)

The following Microsoft Sync commercial is just inspiring:

Now if my car can do it why can’t my Media Player? What about Media Center integration? And maybe even speech recognition software for smart home (Alon, that can be a cool demo for your MediaCenter lectures)?

The next step in web computing is definitely machine-to-machine interfaces where all appliances are connected to the web and expose interfaces for communicating with each other.
It also means the the next step in web is taking interaction outside of the browser and enabling it anywhere anytime and in this respect speech should be one of main interaction interfaces on the next leap of “web” applications… (Speech is the new AJAX?)

So when’s the day where I could just sit on the couch, push some triangle thing on my shirt and say “Captain Eran to Fridge, Got any milk left?”