Eran Kampf
Eran Kampf
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Uninstalling Previous Versions of Visual Studio 2008

Here are the instructions to follow before you install Visual Studio 2008 RTM:

  1. Go to the Control Panel and launch Add/Remove Programs
  2. Remove all instances of Visual Studio 2008/Codename Orcas products
  3. Remove any remaining supporting products in the specified order.
  • Remove “Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2008 beta2” (or “Crystal Reports 2007”)
  • Remove “MSDN Library for Visual Studio 2008 Beta”
  • Remove “Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5”
  • Remove “Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5 Design Tools”
  • Remove “Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5 for Devices”
  • Remove “Microsoft Visual Studio Performance Collection Tools”
  • Remove “Windows Mobile 5.0 SDK R2 for Pocket PC”
  • Remove “Windows Mobile 5.0 SDK R2 for Smartphone”
  • Remove “Microsoft Visual Studio Web Authoring Component / Microsoft Web Designer Tools”
  • Remove “Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office Runtime 3.0”
  • Remove “Microsoft Device Emulator 3.0”
  • Remove “Microsoft Document Explorer 2008”
  • Remove “Microsoft Visual Studio Codename Orcas Remote Debugger”
  • Remove “Microsoft Visual Studio 64bit Prerequisites Beta” (64-bit platforms only)
  • Remove “Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5”
  • Remove “Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5”

Now that you’re sure all the beta bits are are gone you can install the Visual Studio 2008 RTM edition of your choice…

Note that the list above are the products that were on my machine and you might have additional products that require removal on your machine.

Update 20/11/2007:

ScottGu just published his own version of the list. When writing this post I started from the same list Scott has now made public but I updated it according to the products that were installed on my machine (removed some stuff, renamed some stuff to fit the name as it appears in beta2). So basically there shouldnt be a difference between the two…