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Eran Kampf
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Link Blogging Using Google Reader Just Got More Interesting...

googlereaderfriends I’ve mentioned before my Google Reader Links Blog.
I can easily share links from blogs I read on Google Reader instead of filling my blog with link posts.

Today, the Google Reader team added social networking features!
Here’s the help page describing how to use the feature:

So join up! My Google name is ekampf AT
Add me as a friend, particularly if you are also sharing items in Google Reader.
Still link blogging the old fashion way? Time for you to seriously consider switching to Google Reader too…

Too bad this doesn’t integrate with my Google Apps account which kind of makes me own a GMail account in addition to my Google Apps mail.

Update (via Scoble):

Apparently, the new Friends feature in Google Reader doesn’t handle duplicate posts.
Kinda make it useless doesn’t it? Oh well…

Anyway, I probably don’t have as many “Reader Friends” as Scoble has, and it doesn’t create more clatter than subscribing to my friends shared feeds – which I do anyway.
Therefore, my call remains the same: share good stuff and add me as your friend !🙂

Update #2: Workaround for Google Reader’s Suckage

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