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Eran Kampf
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Working on my Haduken Skills...

Some games are timeless. Street Fighters is one of these games. I can probably dub it as my favorite game as a kid, spending hours at the arcade or on my friend’s Nintendo.

Capcom, unlike other companies who just loose customers by letting their games die , was aware of the game’s popularity and re-released it for Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE® Arcade platform adding HDTV graphics, achievement and more… Way to go Capcom!

In fact, since its initial release, the game has been one of the best selling games on the LIVE® Arcade:

Sunnyvale , California€”Capcom® today announced that Street Fighter® II’ Hyper Fighting, the company’s first title for Xbox Live® Arcade, has seen a phenomenal record of downloads since its debut on August 2. Within the first 24 hours of its unveiling, Street Fighter II’ Hyper Fighting has become the fastest selling Xbox Live Arcade title to date with hundreds of matches being played every hour.

This proves the point I was trying to make in the post about LucasArts quests emulation for the iPhone. You don’t need top graphics and a Hollywood budget for a successful games. People can (and want) still enjoy the good old arcades and quests etc. and all companies need to do is to find the right channels that can make these games successful again.

Back to Street Fighters, I’ve been playing the game’s demo and being ass kicked by my Xbox opponent for the past hour or so. Its definitely more fun and challenging than playing it on my laptop using emulation but I’m finding the controls a little hard to get used to. Maybe I need to get a special fighting games arcade joystick for my Xbox…

I will definitely buy this game as soon as I get a decent internet connection that I can hook my Xbox to (which will probably only happen once I get back to Israel…)

I guess I need some practice and get back in shape…
I guess the game’s characters already did:

Hilarious… (you can find all parts here)

Sega also released its new Virtua Fighters 5 title for the Xbox. Oh I remember playing the first version of this on the arcades…
Have to get this one too…