Eran Kampf
Eran Kampf
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Microsoft+Yahoo - Some Thoughts on Possible Implications

Some first thoughts about the implications of Microsoft taking over Yahoo:

  • Microsoft’s Vista Gadgets suck. Yahoo has it going pretty well with its widgets that work on many platforms other than Vista.
    Maybe Microsoft will drop Gadgets and support widgets natively?
  • Yahoo Messenger is already integrated with Microsoft’s messenger. And its .NET and has a cool new WPF interface. Maybe it can replace buggy Microsoft Messenger.
  • Synergy in Live Services:
    • Microsoft Popfly and Yahoo Pipes (Popfly has things to learn from Pipes)
    • Yahoo’s small business services + Office Live (and CRM live, etc.)
    • Online gaming. Microsoft has its gaming studios and Xbox Live! and Yahoo is big on fantasy sports. There’s room for synergy there…
      Yahoo’s online games could be a nice addition to Microsoft’s casual gaming platform.
    • Yahoo Finance to join Microsoft Live Services and take on Google Finance?

Lots of synergy opportunities out there… I can see why Microsoft+Yahoo makes perfect sense…