Eran Kampf
Eran Kampf
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Looking For New Adventures

I joined SAP more than 3 years ago (on the same day as my 23rd birthday) for a new internal startup (an Emerging Solution as SAP dubs it) – Duet.

Working on Duet, a joint effort of SAP and Microsoft, has been an amazing experience.
During my work at SAP I’ve had the chance to appreciate the software industry from in non technical aspects (business, strategy, project management), to work in a truly global organizations that requires daily contact with colleagues around the globe and to travel quite a bit…
Undoubtedly, I owe SAP the credit for helping me “grow up” professionally and expanding my knowledge and interests beyond core development skills.

However, for a while now I’ve had this growing anxiety for doing something else.
Through blogging, friends and various web 2.0 sites\gatherings, I’ve had the chance to meet a lot of interesting new people that opened the door on many new (risky?) opportunities…

Trading my secure, salaried job for an unknown is a scary thing to do, and yet, it’s something I must do in order to be able to fully and wholeheartedly explore the different alternatives out there. And so, I have officially resigned from my position at SAP. It would be unfair to my colleagues, SAP and myself to do anything less.

What’s next? I’m not entirely sure…
I’m looking into internal opportunities within SAP as well as external opportunities, I’ve got several startup ideas that I’m exploring with partners and of course there’s that Computer Science degree I should finish already (and make the folks happy).

In any case, I’m sure there’s an exciting future ahead and I invite you all to read along and find out with me…