Eran Kampf
Eran Kampf
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My Blog Moved, You Don't Have To

At least if everything goes as planned, your RSS reader should keep on getting regular updates without any work on your part (thanks FeedBurner :-))

I just retired the good old dasBlog on for a branch new WordPress 2.6 blog on
The is still up and running, forwarding all traffic to the new blog (even old blog permalinks are redirected to the correct post under so you can still use it if you’ve got existing bookmarks, subscriptions, or if just feel it’s easier to remember.

The move to brings along a brand new design (still in the works) and a renewed commitment to blogging – I’ll be working a lot harder on the DeveloperZen brand from now on.

Please let me know if you have any problems moving over subscriptions, finding stuff or getting old links to work. I’ll also be happy to heard comments or suggestions regarding the new site.