Eran Kampf
Eran Kampf
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Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld, Take Two

“We need to connect with real people,” Seinfeld says and reminds Gates that “you and I are a little out of it. You’re living in some kind of moon house hovering over Seattle like the mother ship. I got so many cars I get stuck in my own traffic.”

The new ad explains that Bill and Jerry are on a quest to reconnect with real people, pretty much like what Microsoft is trying to do with this new campaign.

It’s definitely better than the first ad as there are some funny scenes and a clear message that actually makes sense – Windows need to appeal to the needs of real people.

However, the Mac vs. PC took just one add to get you hooked and the message across. Microsoft can’t seem to compete with that…

Lets just wait and see what the 3rd ad will be like…