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Eran Kampf
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Cloud Avenue

We’re living in an age of technological revolution in the computer and information industry the age of utility computing. Connected to the internet’s global computing grid, massive information-processing plants are pumping software code and data to our homes and businesses.

Armed with new business models and technologies that take advantage of the internet cloud, new competitors like Google, and Amazon are threatening traditional software giants like Microsoft, SAP and Dell by changing the way software is built, sold, delivered and maintained.

On the way to making computing an efficient, cheap global commodity we’re facing new difficult business and technological (and some might even add political) challenges. There’s a lot of exciting innovation ahead…

Certainly, such a technology tidal wave deserve its fair share of coverage, which now comes in the form of the recently launched Cloud Avenue A new blog, edited by Zoli Erdos and Ben Kepes, that will focus on cloud computing topics.

Cloud Avenue where, working with a few like-minded bloggers we’ll focus on the intersection of Cloud Computing, especially SaaS and Business, ranging from small business to enterprise.

… We also have our CloudLab – for product / service reviews. Yes, we will report on products, but do not strive to be a mini-TechCrunch: we have no intention to report about everything new. We’re not a news-blog. We’d rather sit back, analyze a market, find key players, then produce a series of reviews / comparative analysis. Quality before quantity or urgency.

Launched a little over a week ago, it has been pretty active with over 20 posts already. Below are just some of my personal highlights from the first week:

So join me in welcoming Cloud Avenue to the blogsphere 🙂

Oh, and one more thing…
I’ve been invited by Zoli to join the CloudAve writing team and I’m definitely going to make some writing effort there. Should be interesting…